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49 questions : trolling for humor

  Jeffrey Diver    · Retired ref. asst. Cornell U Library: 2.7M views 6K answers 16h 49 Questions: Portrait of Kilroy the Troll (with a sense of humor) (image from Wikipedia) It’s hard to know which is funnier, the original questions or the fact that some came up with an answer. These questions were all posted by the same profile during July 2022. 49 Questions I am Joe Biden? No answer yet  · Last followed 52m Answer When I was 13, I saw my mom and her sister have intercourse. When I asked her about it, she made me finger her during bed. How is your wife doing today and how should I deal with the PTSD? No answer yet  · Last followed 3h Answer I (male) caught my life-long friend (male) showering and I couldn't stop watching. What does this mean? 3 answers  · Last followed 3h Answer Why are reddit trolls so annoying? No answer yet  · Last followed 3h Answer My daughter (6) is friends with a retard. How can I tell her to get away from him and never speak to him again? (Without soundin

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