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Your social media environment is your responsibility!

  Why is the Quora front page full of real pictures paired with fabricated stories? Jeffrey Diver 2.4 Million content views 6.4K questions answered 23m AAMCO Scott Thank you for selecting my profile to answer this question! YOU  are responsible for the fact that  YOUR  Quora front page is ”full of real pictures paired with fabricated stories.” The rest of us are seeing something different. Let’s take a look at your Profile to see  how you have trained the Quora bots: The very first post on your list has to do with  spamming  on  YouTube . It also mentions  mainstream media . The Quora bots, therefore are very likely to put information on those highlighted topics into your feed, which is what you are calling your “front page.” Since your profile was created in August 2021 you’ve asked 64 questions, including this one. As a result, the bots have picked up that you are interested in  Ukraine, Russia, Zelenski, Putin, Azov, CNN, electric trucks , etc. One of your questions indicates that y

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