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Covid-19 Vaccine Ingredients: US & India (February 2021)

  What is the chemical formulation of each covid-19 vaccine? Originally Answered:  Which chemical contents are present inside the Covid-19 vaccine? Remove Banner [Photo by  Daniel Lincoln  on  Unsplash ; modified by author] Deepak, Each Covid-19 vaccine is unique. There are a number of vaccines in development of various different types.  The  NYT Vaccine Tracker  is the place to keep track of all of them : [1] What are the ingredients? Covid-19 vaccine excipients are too new to be included in the  CDC’s Vaccine Excipient list , but those interested in frequently incorporated chemicals might find this list of interest:  [2]  In the UK, Oxford University posts information on common ingredients here: [4]   Vaccine ingredients With that introduction to the subject, here is  specific information on the Covid-19 vaccines given  Emergency Use Authorization   [5]  in the USA as of late February 2021 . These are a new type of vaccine called  mRNA vaccines . [6] “ WHAT ARE  THE INGREDIENTS IN TH

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