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Interaction with a Quora troll

  Why is someone stalking me on Quora? They keep saying that I said things which I did not and telling me I didn't say things which I did. It is really annoying, blocking is pointless and Quora doesn't do anything about it. What can I do? Jeffrey Diver 2.4 Million content views 6.4K questions answered 5h James Bridgetowns You mischaracterize your Quora experience. Sorry, but  you are NOT being “stalked,” and do not qualify as a victim of stalking or anything else. As a self-proclaimed “troll,” your profile may not last much longer on Quora: “ I am (quite clearly) a troll,  I mean I have even admitted that to you like 3 times but still you don’t believe me I don’t get it ?” [1] Your “Edits” log reveals that on several occasions you have said things about people that are deliberately cruel, just to get (you hope) attention. From your profile’s log, here’s a sample of your behavior and your reasoning behind it: Let us allow you to elaborate a bit on your motivations for being on Q

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