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Why do you think Quora moderators seem to be selective about enforcing harassment policies? Jeffrey Diver 3+ Million content views 6.5K questions answered 10m Paul Clark , Harassment policies on Quora  do not cover all the bases. For instance, when an  entire class  of people is harassed, such as  all Quora users   by trolls, Quora has NO POLICY. Quora management is operating on the theory that if you do not acknowledge the existence of trolls and trolling on Quora, the problem does not exist. So the platform as a whole is harassed by trolls. Quora moderators  do not exist !  Quora is moderated by  automated bots  that go looking for policy violations  and users  who have all sorts of motives for reporting or NOT reporting other users.  If appealed , reports are reviewed by humans, we are assured. Whether Quora has ANY humans assigned to moderation specifically any more is questionable. Quora management appears deliberately vague on that point. “A group” or “staff” handles moderation c

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