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Crop loss means starvation, perhaps for somebody you know.

Are we prepared for an uncertain future?

Local organizing for the environment can take lessons from others.

Fake video footage will soon be a political tool. From the article:

Politics & the Environment: Analysis from A greener life, a greener world The world as a whole may be in no better...

Times they are a changin'!

How is your air quality?

Good news, mostly based on Obama-era incentives, some of which are being repealed in Oklahoma and most of which will...

Increase the deficit for this? The extractive industries ask for a free, taxpayer-funded handout again....

Thanks to A greener life, a greener world we learn that Lingering weather systems, related to accelerated warming of...

All protests illegal?

The wheels of justice have not yet spun off the cart.

Lots of informative discussions are happening here!

The "weeds" of scientific debate will not interest many, but they do give us an insight into some of the thinking...

What to do? Here are some ideas.

West Virginia: You are living in "interesting" times!

Moving beyond CO2: Earth is taking matters into its own hands.

Unhealthy Social Environments => Unhealthy Natural Environments! You can't have one without the other.

Environmental politicians are operating in an evolving authoritarian landscape as the USA disintegrates.

Thanks to A greener life, a greener world for this bit of good news!

Are NDAs constitutional?

Fracking depletes & sometimes poisons potable water supplies.

One of the great environmental battles of our time continues.

Toxic tides & cow manure: the connection is not just a Florida phenomenon.

Putin manipulates Puppet Trump The weeds, or details of money laundering are important, though hard to decipher.

What happened in Detroit is being repeated in Appalachia.

US military prepares for climate change. Evidently, rising seas are only a problem on military bases.


While national attention is fixated on Puppet Trump, his termites continue to gnaw away at the structural timbers of...

Art for Science Motivations matter.

Recommended for Environmental Politicians and the general public, this site has many audio as well as article posts.

"They said it couldn't be done" anybody over the age of 18, maybe?

Why not here? Vertical gardens can be installed on buildings, too. Is there a likely location near you?

Are "superpowers" superpolluters?

Who are/were these people?

Register & vote, folks! (Click image to enlarge.)

Politics, Exxon? Or should we headline, Politics, SEC?

May they have nightmares department Late to the party, climate change deniers evidently regret that they cannot...

Super-insulation and green energy could resolve this problem, but the US government is not going in that direction...

A conversation with Michael Mann, "distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Penn State University and...

Are Environmental Politicians any good at game playing? Trump and Putin are playing at our expense. We need to learn!

Good work, Nevada!

Another episode in politicians choosing their voters rather than the other way around.

Good News, but we don't know how to handle it yet.

Who does Russia name as an American co-conspirator?

The comparison photos tell the tale.

Environmental politicians are targeted due to their opposition to the divisive anti-environment policies of Trump,...

Sudden sea level rise will happen.

As expected Puppet Trump's Termites are doing all things possible to harm the environment.

Trump Termites say, "Climate Change? What climate change?" Come, let us pollute!

Who pays for global warming?

What Trump's Termites are DOING, while most are distracted by Tweets, is terrible, even for Trump worshipers!


Trump's Termites at work in the Environmental Pollution Advocates: business as usual!

Does Global Warming Have Your Attention Yet or is your head still stuck in that nice cool sand?

Unintended Consequences produce some Good(?) News Putin/Trump's efforts to stifle US solar are producing uneven...

Birds are adapting to climate change. Why aren't Americans? Ask Trump.

"So, of all Trump’s policies, the one that is the most dangerous and destructive, in fact poses an existential...

Puppet Trump is changing the US political environment as fast as global warming is changing the world's climate.