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"Please contact one of these organizations if you would like to help with the efforts in Puerto Rico: UNICEF USA,...

Carrying on the work of reporters killed in action, this new organization [ ] promises to...

Americans are becoming refugees within their own country.

Attacks on the American press in the United States are happening [ ] as Puppet Trump...

Watch What They Do!

Quackery in action The Arnold Galleries [ ] features 19th century quack medicines.

Good news...for some Solar jobs are outpacing coal-based jobs, but where?

What Trump has far.

Scientists' Warning to Humanity, Round Two: Dire Predictions Fulfilled Since our first warning in 1992 " ...humanity...

Learning how to welcome refugees is possible.This is a skill we are all going to have to acquire, both for foreign...

How are you today?

Earth to humans: Get a load of this!

Urban Climate Change Adaptation Planners will find "Evaluating Urban Resilience to Climate Change: A Multi-Sector...

Just one of many projects that will help.

Articles of Impeachment filed in the US House are here.

Industry partisans run oversight boards The overt attempt to overthrow the government to which our Representatives...

Science changes the environmental conversation Investors?

History will repeat itself.

EPA budget slashed 31% As the USA is now the only nation on earth that does not support the Climate Accords, this is...

How the world reacts to Puppet Trump's anti-climate change agenda

Some countries are now disappearing!

Save the Monarch butterflies!

Concerned consumers: buy your electric vehicle now!

Another letter to my Congresscritter has been dispatched:

When American politics gets nasty, here's an example of what to expect.

Fighting corporate and government propaganda is part of environmental politics.

Protecting the Public Interest: a success story or two

Cartoon of the Month

The process of looking for solutions and identifying problems with our approach to our environmental problems is...

Your attention is important Folks with bad motives are trying to distract you with all sorts of "Breaking News."...

Causes and consequences of public opinion and behavior are the focus of the Yale Climate Change social scientists.

Selling Water in areas where water is plentiful The water sales industry is relatively new in the USA, surfacing...

More plundering, please?

The Paradise Papers [ ] reveal some of the secrets of the world's plunderers.

Environmental Politicians: Beware!

Let's mine the Grand Canyon!

Admission Fee: $70 Puppet Trump's administration charges YOU more for less.