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Why is someone stalking me on Quora? They keep saying that I said things which I did not and telling me I didn't say things which I did. It is really annoying, blocking is pointless and Quora doesn't do anything about it. What can I do?
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James Bridgetowns

You mischaracterize your Quora experience.

Sorry, but you are NOT being “stalked,” and do not qualify as a victim of stalking or anything else.

As a self-proclaimed “troll,” your profile may not last much longer on Quora:

I am (quite clearly) a troll, I mean I have even admitted that to you like 3 times but still you don’t believe me I don’t get it?”[1]

Your “Edits” log reveals that on several occasions you have said things about people that are deliberately cruel, just to get (you hope) attention.

From your profile’s log, here’s a sample of your behavior and your reasoning behind it:

Let us allow you to elaborate a bit on your motivations for being on Quora:

“I don’t know about you, but I’d happily piss off a lot of people on the internet if it means I can invest the money I make from that back into society where we can benefit as a whole. I only need so much for myself, I am one person. I and many others didn’t come from the best background, I want change for people who struggled in their earlier years.

“But I can still admit that I will happily piss people off to achieve these goals. Wow, somebodies feelings get hurt. Does that compare to a new school being built for children who were denied an education?education? Does that compare to feeding struggling families who are living pay check to pay check? I would think not. Sometimes good intentions stem from bad actions.”[2]

Clearly, you need a lesson on trolling Quora “successfully.” So, far, you’re doing a lousy job of it. See if you can meet the standards of self-confessed troll “Robert Cornell.”[3]

In the meantime, your profile is easy pickin’s for Quora’s esteemed troll hunters. Hopefully Quora will only edit-block you for awhile so that you have a chance to change your ways. Your policy violations are so grievous and repeated, however, you may find yourself permanently banned from Quora.

By the way, if you begin to observe Quora Policies as related in the Help Center , perhaps with a side visit to the collected wisdom of Welcome, Everyone! you might actually learn something about how to profit from your Quora experience. Here’s the TOC for your convenience:

Welcome, Everyone!
Use these contents to find your way quickly to a subject of your choice. Please let me know if you find the idea of contents in Quora Spaces useful and/or how these contents might be improved. Thanks! SUGGESTION BOX * * Search within the Welcome, Everyone! Space; general Quora Search within Spaces instruc…




Another troll so obvious it makes troll-hunting easy! This profile is even so foolish as to characterize itself as a trolling profile!

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Lol love how people (literally) love to highlight the bad but ignore the good.

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This answer featured your own words. If you don’t like what you see in your mirror, you can change that!

Also how is that anti woman when it was targeted at a man

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The term “bitch” means she-dog wherever it is used and is NEVER complimentary.

Obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed are ya?


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