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Director Pruitt is producing results.

Never heard of it!

A do-nothing Congress is offset by a Confederate campaign: [ ] to give aid and comfort to the...

What has this to do with environmental politics?

Do you know who you are?

Efforts to destroy the Federal Government of the United States continue.

Congratulations to Kelly Jackson Higgins for a well-written article on a subject that should be of interest to all...

What's going on here in the USA is more than just environmental politics.

Breaking news!

Pollution kills about 15 times more people than wars and terrorist violence, according to the Lancet Commission.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month?


Environmental war at your doorstep What's going on with the EPA will affect you, your family and our descendants.

Government propaganda ramps up by attacking legitimate reporting while disseminating lies.

Care about propaganda?

WARNING: deteriorating society ahead!

We are all participants.

Looky over here: diverting your attention away from feeble responses to environmental disasters (hurricanes,...


Planning Guidance for a Response to a Nuclear Detonation: Homework assignment for safety planners.

Surviving a nuclear attack may not be desirable.

For your survival pantry In case of an environmental emergency where the advice is to "shelter in place," it may be...

Ten years of Tambora The Tambora volcanic eruption way back in 1815 [ ] sent particles into...

Cowardly "polluter of the Century" Scott Pruitt (with Confederate [ ] help) destroys your...

Congratulations to ican!

Save the humans!

Hostility toward climate refugees is a global problem.

Distractions of societies headed towards barbarism compete for public attention with serious and immediate global...

What will probably happen eventually....

Summer 2017 in the Arctic, a visual record of what happened this year.