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News well selected by Terrence Lee Reed

Staying on top of world solar news, thanks to Barry Heaven!


A timely reminder from R E Malm that your grouchy neighborhood climate change denier may have a forest of solar...

Thanks to Anders Lorenzen for this reminder that Environmental Politicians will need to help the world population...

Battery power storage systems advance Storing solar power for later use is evolving.

Next move for Trump's Termites?

Trump's Termites are disposing of public property as fast as possible behind taxpayers' backs.

America exceeds its Credit which means less no money for the Environment.

Will the US be "surprised" by climate change, or be prepared for it?

...where have we heard this before?

The Lull before the Storm is what the 2018 hurricane season may be.

Conservative estimates.

Trump says NO to environment & YES to polluting corporations again...

Trump's Termites are actively undermining environmental protections....

2nd thoughts on natural gas as an eco-friendly substitute for coal...

Yes, of course it is! Still breathing, are you? See you at the next Worship Service (aka "rally")!

As the world leader in jailing infants, Queen Trump's Termites pontificate!

Ever lost a loved one?


What we're hearing.

While inland human migration is an easy forecast, some results of global warming are surprising.

Clean water and air doomed, Pruitt hopes.

Who cares?

Fracking earthquakes worldwide!

Trends in Environmental Politics are discussed in this excellent post referred to us by Anders Lorenzen The world is...

More on the outrageous Trump/Sessions policy to separate families at the US border.

Scientists not able to attend conferences without approval by Trump Termite is just business as usual nowadays!

An outrage "explained" Where's PETA when you need them?

Would you like a shower?

The ICE box and dog cages So is this the way YOU want YOUR family treated when YOU flee the rising seas?

Insignificant sea level rise so far, but much more to come.

Rallies = Worship Services Trump is a religion.


We are headed for major worldwide famine without any understanding of what that means.

Another step towards the success of Putin's Plan for the USA How's that?

Trump indicates disasters = spectator sport What we see in others reflects what others see in us.

Need allies? People who fish and hunt are acutely aware of environmental changes. Seek them out. Listen and learn!

Good news for solar!

You and your health don't count.

Shhh! You're not supposed to know this! Don't tell anyone. It's supposed to be a secret.

Trump's Termites go after the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Trump on Trump: the Authority speaks.

Park Police haven't been doing anything useful in the National Parks, so.

Part of a larger pattern, environmental politicians will recognize that the recent controversy around Roseanne...

This is "small potatoes," of course, compared to the amount of methane that is being and will be released by thawing...

Need we say more?

Radiation is good for you!

The EPollutionA thinks it has some "accomplishments" to brag about!

Pruitt hereby admits how sleazy he knows he is.