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Listen, read or ignore, the choice is yours.

The Water Will Come.

Are we all breathing smog?

Beyond the US: World Weather Radar Accuweather [ ] offers a global view of current weather...

Keeping up with the hackers Hacker-driven innovation [ ] in machine learning, voting systems,...

What are they hiding?

Grievous hurt is being done to US now, thanks to Puppet Trump.

Here We Go!

Coming to America In your lifetime?

USA thinks it is Leader of the Free World.

Implications are ominous By the time most mid-latitude humans experience global warming, it will be too late to do...

Relocation Centers, "internment" camps, "concentration" camps, "temporary housing," "refugee camps," what is your...

Climate trends modeled for US locations For the time being, you can "see" what scientists and climate research...

For those who care.

Propaganda in action: the case of Climategate Interesting listening/reading.

List of Losers populating EPA advisory boards.

Someone wicked this way comes.

Bluetooth hacks likely Environmental politicians as well as the rest of us need to be aware that communication...


Social activism = terrorism according to authoritarians Trump's attempt [ ] to sue a...

Pruitt Promotes Pollution by failing to do his job.

Something for you to do If you own land where the Monarch Butterfly lives, it's time for you to take action!

National Geographic documents one of the dramatic environmental changes brought about by land seizure.

Environmental consequences follow quickly as those who (temporarily) have the gold make the rules.

What to do?

The County Legislature has not responded to my request for the locations of fallout shelters in Tompkins County.

Refugee maker Natural events make us involuntary refugees.