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How to Spin Environmental politicians should understand that outright lies are sometimes ineffective.

Bangladesh leads the way: Adapting to Climate Change So far, the changes have been gradual.

Environmental activists may find themselves in similar circumstances.

Recover, recycle, reuse is key! Good to know we are learning more about this and applying it in our daily lives.

Puppet Trump's ACTS carry out Putin's plan for the USA : [ ] every hour.

Facts regarding atmospheric change are presented here.

Caution! Queen Trump's Termites at Work! Here's a couple of paragraphs from a recent Noam Chomsky interview:

Trump Tries to Kill Solar While Reviving Coal Interview with Tyson Slocum on Background Briefing

Trump’s First Year: Influence-Peddling, Demolishing Safeguards and Self-Dealing

What local Land Trusts can do Forget bad news and fake news.

Louisiana residents are fighting careless corporations This is typical of several such local struggles.

Old News unless you drank the water, in which case, C8 is in your blood poisoning you now.

A Nation Disappears Consequences of the rising seas are here, now, for your generation to experience.

You may be cold because the Arctic is warm!

Acting on your beliefs is a lonely, fearful experience if you don't find allies.

My latest correspondence with local representatives

Jingoism has horrendous environmental consequences!

From the "grass roots" * Start from where you are.

Thank you, Followers!

Trump's first year Accomplishments have been substantial and will begin to have some major impact in 2018.

One world, One Environment Will environmental politicians wage cyber war?

Promoting US Military Defeat is Putin's objective.

The Termite Queen carries out Putin's plan: [ ] for the destruction [ ]...

Top 100 Welfare Queens!

List of companies poisoning humans, etc.

Corporate Welfare is rampant among profitable companies.

Political Hatchet Man to head National Park Service Another Foxy move by Puppet Trump [ ] puts...

YOU are an indentured servant!

Follow the Money!

Before Obama, racists hated King It is important for Environmental Politicians to understand how racism determines...

What's happening in the Environmental Politics Collection (revised: 5 December 2018)

Fleeing the rising tides?

When Trump Tweets, do you listen?

Following Putin's example, Puppet Trump regulates the use of certain words relating to the environmental catastrophe...

Environmental refugees, political refugees, is there a distinction?

The Putin Party Line as urbanely presented by Puppet Trump supporter, Trump transition team member, Representative...

What's Happening?


Politics determines environment Greedy people do not work for the best interest of American society.

Here's just one example of what's going on in the world outside of the USA but not outside of the reach of US...

Shots that were heard around the world in 2016 [ ] as defenders of Earth's natural systems...

The shot not heard What should have been a warning to all Americans has been eclipsed by subsequent events.

A word from 16 January 1884: Unprecedented?

Environmental Politicians: Keep your operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.) updated!

What's happening? Those who know reality are best positioned to change it.

Scientists are still working at EPA!