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Coming to the USA?

Daffynitions The Trump definition of hazardous nuclear waste is adjusted to allow storage in a dangerous place.

Maybe because we do not visit glaciers all that often.

As a former NPS Ranger/Naturalist, (Acadia) this article was of special interest.

Stifled by the Environmental Pollution Agency at the federal level, individual states are doing their best to...

Resisting the sands of time is sometimes more difficult than expected!

Coming to a generation near you.

Progress to report!

Same as usual or Climate Change?

Consequences are coming home to roost.

Sounds great!

The Regulatory Merry-Go-Round serves industry well. Regulations too harsh for your project? Just change 'em!

The Explosions that Nobody Heard Lost in the news of September hurricanes, several homes exploded when natural gas...

Women: Weak, Nervous, Discouraged?