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Precarious is our life on this planet. From the article:

Citizen action at work Hard at work. Thank you?! Thanks, Maria Gallagher & supporters!

It takes a Trump to do something obnoxious like this!

Sorry to bother you with good news.

Bad news/ Good news Dept. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. State subsidies supported for all.

Will Environmentalists Win? If you are a citizen of one of these states in the US, it is up to you.

We are keeping our eyes on the ball here.

Dizzy yet?

US taxpayers: You are supporting this, like it or not.

Heating at the earth's poles is accelerating.

Are our representatives representing us?

When it does happen here.

Look before we leap: Desalination Thanks to for the heads up on this topic!

Will money buy peace of mind as the globe warms?

What happened to the animals?

Fuel Cell cars deploy in Europe.

A local grants program with possibilities for NY communities. Will they actually do anything? Stay tuned....

Environmental politicians: will your voters be able to vote?

The battle continues...

Your environment often depends on your race, ethnicity and social status.

Need data to support your point of view? When the facts matter, Google has a data search for you to try!

Who has potable water?

Introducing the concept of "moral vanity" We all experience it.

The British EV experience is positive!

ALEC's nationwide antics will affect the outcomes of environmental initiatives far into the future.

Thanks to Sophos, Terrence Lee Reed and Grist for this discussion of the complexity of our role in climate change.