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A message from the tropics: This is climate change!

Demonstration of Cowardice Confederates' carefully coordinated secret plot to poison the US water supply on the sly...

Americans Abroad Vote! I can't believe I didn't recognize this character immediately! Politics overseas....

How to undermine the power of the United States: reassign scientists to do the jobs of clerks.

The EPA is doing important work during "National Preparedness Month." Here's a summary of some current projects.

Mass Extinction: who cares?

New Complications!

Henry David Thoreau's observations on Walden Pond could not have been made in a laboratory.

This is, of course, a means for achieving an end rather than a goal.

Writing in terms understood by those who fought in our Civil War, I sent this message to my representatives:

Speaking truth to power can be frustrating, but we all should keep trying.

Our heads are locked firmly in the sand. Quicksand, I believe!

Pay no attention to this, please!

Is "climate change" a vulgarity?

Still looking for articles to back up my hunch that things will happen more quickly than expected, based on...

Sandy shouldn't have been "surprising" either.

As a former NPS Ranger Naturalist (Acadia) I have a special interest in our National Parks.

Think the federal government is doing nothing? Here's what's happening now...