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US Military operations compromised by sea level rise (Keep this quiet!) Maybe we're not supposed to know this.

Maskirovka = Russian campaign to deceive and confuse who? YOU!

Industrial grade conspiracies are not just figments of our imaginations! [ ]

If this doesn't work, the Termites will try something else. Sneaky! [ ]

Priorities speak for themselves.

Paying Less to Pollute More Aren't we Trump Termites just so proud of our first year achievements!

Political Propaganda at Work Which side is Putin on?

Contemporary Colonialism: America, Israel, Brazil, etc.

Typical, ordinary, everyday behavior?

Believe Me!

Social analysis is an important part of Environmental Politics Is Tribalism a choice, a political tactic or a...

What's a Putin Puppet to do?

Tracking Russian Influence Operations on Twitter [ ] is an up-to-the-minute summary of...

If we ignore our scientists, but Russia pays attention to theirs, who prevails?

Just what Your Environment Needs!

What if we had a judicial branch and nobody used it?

This is a Rain Forest?

Consequence: Dollar on the way out as world standard currency Queen Trump's Termites are conspiring with Putin to...

Some People Don't Matter: What environments do we create for People whose lives are dispensable?

Russian indictment: Read it for Yourself!

What Penalties?

Trump Termites at Work In violation of Federal law, Trump is appointing unqualified "temporary" Directors, bypassing...

Repeal of the Endangered Species Act is under way.

Senior Executive Service eaten by Trump Termite Zinke Federal bipartisanship is under attack by those who loudly...

Deporting Veterans? An Outrage! Veterans care about the Union. Do Queen Trump's Termites? Guess not.

Spending YOUR money, NOT theirs! No wonder these Confederates (and their ally, Vladimir Putin) are smiling!

Scaling back or wholly eliminating federal climate mitigation and adaptation measures [ ] in...

Three cheers!

What trains?

Trump Termites at work: Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program funding to be cut by 43% Got the flu?

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy funding cut by more than half in Queen Trump's proposed 2019 budget.

EPA Disbanded by 2-pronged attack Here, the plan to cut funding.

Are Hackers on Your Side?

Did you hear?

The end of public education in Puerto Rico Education "reform," anybody?

Queen Trump's Termites Strike Again Eliminating the Chemical Safety Board (50 employees, minor expenses) would...

Queen Trump's Termites at Work Foxes in the Hen House killing chickens?

The issue of slavery Are you involuntarily subjected to another or others?

Societal Disruption Makes Preserving the Environment Difficult.

What Queen Trump's Termites are DOING: Ignoring Rape Reports!

Trump Termites at Work: Destroying Consumer Protection Of course, this is just a small piece of the overall...

NOT Knowing Anything is where Trump Termites are heading.

Received in my email at 12:19PM on the day the Stock Market plunged over 1,000 points, my Rep, a member of the Trump...

Puppet Queen Trump earns his nickname Click below to view the Weekly Sift article for the latest evidence (Doing...

Koch Brothers dictate policy to Puppet Queen Trump Killing migratory birds gets only a "caution" light.

These are the divisions Russia exploits [ ] See how Confederate conspirators [...

USA is NOT #1!

Let's Poison our Fisheries!


Puppet Trump prefers to work in secret.

Environmental concerns are beginning to be eclipsed by internal threats [ ] to the existence...