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Icebergs in Your backyard?

Bait and switch political routines are being used by proponents of pollution.

A complicated issue arouses suspicions of those concerned with EPA's traditional mission.

Who cares about workplace safety?

The face of climate change denial strikes again! [ ]

Who says?

What's happening NOW?

Youthful inspiration Founded by an 18-year-old in 2013, the Ocean Cleanup Foundation [...

Good news, for a change Gov.

We're keeping an eye on you, Scott!

The rate of climate change is accelerating.

"All of the changes in our lives that happen when we use new technologies do so according to the priorities and...

Environmental Politicians must acknowledge and deal with social themes of the day.

Barbarism = online profit Psychological warfare is being waged by all sorts of folks.


An interesting proposal.... [ ]

The American Civil War is NOT "history" Believe me.

Strategic National Risk Assessment outdated.

Wasting taxpayer's money exhibit #1 Propaganda on uniforms mandated. [ ]

Go solar in any case!

You are dealing with a racketeering enterprise.

Desperation "Mexican walls" are cropping up all over in response to local problems relating to global climate change.

The USA is falling behind the world in so many ways!

The environmental implications of Mike Pompeo's State Dept.

Why are we procrastinating?

Who will be left behind?

Putin hopes for the return of the Confederate States of America Of course, some Americans are working for this, too!

30 min.

Dump your twitter account is another possibility.

Satisfaction With Quality of Environment in U.S. at New Low

Life in a kakistocracy is something we'll hopefully never have to get used to.

Where should infrastructure go? Environmental politics in action includes NIMBY movements and prejudices....


Trump Termites prevent participation in survey to determine extent of political intervention in Federal agencies.

Click below to read article.

Empower women and all will benefit!

Fascinating forebodings forecast future failures in our climate stabilization systems.

What we've been saying here, with a twist.

It's not news, but it's interesting department Puppet Queen Trump's Termites live up to our expectations.

You may have sensed this already without anybody having to tell you.

It's inspiring to see what others are doing [ ] as the US continues to lag behind the rest of...


Puppet Queen Trump's Termites are on the job.

So, what are we learning from this?

Queen Trump's Termites are sneaky critters, indeed!

A " PEER complaint filed with Interior’s Office of Inspector General charges that the acting directors of the...

Is somebody criticizing you based on your politics? Then remember this:

Tracking climate indicators is phenology. Never heard of it? Click here: [ ]

Global Warming at work Thanks to freida faye for tipping me off to this! [ ]