Henry David Thoreau's observations on Walden Pond could not have been made in a laboratory.

Henry David Thoreau's observations on Walden Pond could not have been made in a laboratory. In order to know what is changing, one has to know what is. Be curious! Climate change is not happening on your phone. If you are virtually rooted, you're missing something. Get out!

See also [ https://goo.gl/uWazie ] How we learn is what we learn!


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The power of naturalist observations, whether singly in hours or daily over the course of many years https://www.americanscientist.org/article/thoreau-as-naturalist #FirstDayofFall


  1. Leonard Smith To many of us who predate the industry, the dinky bottled water concept seemed like a ripoff from the start. I can see now it is a convenience for joggers, bikers, hikers and others who are unfamiliar with canteens, thermoses and the like. (Not that the industry is likely to remind folks of these alternatives!) I notice it is the preferred method of delivery to flood victims, dozens of plastic bottles bound together with still more plastic. I wonder if the plastic is biodegradable, or if those empty bottles just add to the quantity of debris sent to landfills in the disaster areas. Do bottled waters have to meet any industry or government standards for purity? I'll have to check the next empty bottle I find carelessly discarded.

  2. Leonard Smith How awful! This industry is making a mess. I see a number of studies - some as much as a decade or so old - have come to some pretty stark conclusions, such as those referred to here [ alternet.org - Tap Has 1/100 the Impact of Bottled Water ] Regulation of this industry would be a way to improve the situation, along the lines of the Pure Food & Drugs Act of 1906, which killed the quack medicine industry so vividly chronicled in the trade cards displayed in [ https://goo.gl/uSj3rf ] and on various pages of arnoldtradecards.com
    The chances of this in the Trump era? About the same as regulating the drug supplements (energy boost, memory improvement) industry. Zero.


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