Mass Extinction: who cares?

Mass Extinction: who cares? Humans adapt. That's our greatest asset. We also migrate, overwhelming nations with our numbers. Does one plan for mass extinction? Will humans "be prepared?"

The Syrian model is not working. That little conflict started not with a "side" firing a first shot, but as a result of drought. Drought, floods, wildfires, wars, etc. are mere agents of extinction. Our historical record indicates we can mitigate the effects of these disasters if we prepare for them. (Genesis41:35- among others).

Some would argue that mass extinction is under way. We aren't doing all that well meeting current challenges, incessantly arguing over whether something is going on, fiddling (another distinguishing human characteristic) "while Rome burns," rather than preparing for our future.

This article is a forecast. It is a projection of current trends. But it could be wrong. We are in an era where all politics is environmental. Hope we make the best of it!



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