Speaking truth to power can be frustrating, but we all should keep trying.

Speaking truth to power can be frustrating, but we all should keep trying. Click to enlarge this very polite response from my Congressman to my latest outburst. Can you tell what the issue was? My critical response is in comments below.



  1. Congressman Reed,

    In the future, please link to legislation when you respond. The link for this conversation would be: congress.gov - H.R.2666 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act

    "Over-regulation," of course, is not the problem. It is not the issue. The issue is whether the internet is or is not to be regulated as a utility. It should be.The FCC is not "over-regulating!" And other agencies aren't either!

    I do wish Republicans would stop treating voters like idiots by using foolish terminology to obscure issues. It makes you appear as if you are unfamiliar with the facts, with tongue handy and information uncertain (similar to Republican head-in-the-sand lack of response to climate change). I am constantly having to remind myself that Republicans are not as dumb as they sound! Devious, certainly, but not dumb.

    -Jeff Diver

  2. I think those adept at newspeak aren't just avoiding the obvious. They don't even see it. One of the consequences of election seems to be an immediate removal from reality. Our representatives are as removed from us as they would be if they were sent into the hereafter. They inhabit a world without gravity, isolated in particular from the ordinary financial woes of common citizens like us.

  3. Government on the side of the people is a worthy goal though the odds seem overwhelming just now. It is important to be aware that the enemies of democracy are doing their best to magnify those odds.

    My generation remembers the things our nation achieved when Americans got together in World War II. The generation represented by the trade cards displayed in arnoldpostcardcollection.blogspot.com - The Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection 1885 experienced what happened when Americans were at war with each other. My grandfather grew up in a single-parent home because his father died of health complications contracted during the military phase of our Civil War. Repeating that experience would not be good for the US.


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