Do you know who you are?

Do you know who you are? Who are "they?" The Diver and Arnold family trees go back to ~1650 in the U.S. But does that mean we are "Americans?" Cutting off immigration, manipulating immigration policies, etc. sounds like a lot of heifer dust sometimes, doesn't it! Fans of racial or ethnic purity don't know their own ancestors. Or maybe would prefer not to meet them.

The best environmental policy rejects the "Not in My Back Yard" philosophy, replacing it with either "in Everybody's Back Yard" or "in Nobody's Back Yard." Too many American neighborhoods are adjacent to hazards and eyesores. How would you feel if your relatives were living there? Good grief! They are!


  1. It appears I am a descendant of Thomas Burch (blacksmith, b1637 Dorchester MA) and Daniel Renaud, who fled religious persecution with other French Huguenots in 1685 and then migrated to the US from Britain. Maybe someday I'll have a DNA analysis to see just what kind of a mutt I am!

  2. Leonard Smith Quite so. Family politics is unpredictable.


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