Hostility toward climate refugees is a global problem.

Hostility toward climate refugees is a global problem. Worldwide, overpopulation is aggravating the problems droughts pose for human survival. Much of the population movement we have seen recently from Africa and Syria has its origin in drought.

For the time being, the US is powerful enough to discourage immigration at its national borders. What happens, however, when the migration is within the US? I shall be thinking about this as I add the following title to my reading list.

From the review: "A well-researched and grim exploration of the connections between climate change and the political hostility toward the refugees it creates."


  1. Internal US migration has begun. Wonder how US citizens will treat their fellow citizens.... - America's climate refugee crisis has already begun

  2. Leonard Smith I'm afraid your experience may be universal. I remember the cool reception I got as a "first year boy" when I went to work after graduating from high school in a town 400 miles from my home. Attitudes were much more welcoming when I returned for a 2nd year. Another member of my family was made to feel unwelcome in a state known for its inhospitable attitudes towards immigrants from the north. In this case the family member didn't stick around long enough to see attitudes change.

    In neither instance were the traditional bug-a-boos of race, class, ethnicity, language or religion involved. If they had been, our treatment would likely have been much worse.

    There are always islands of solace, welcome and peace. But they are islands within an American/world culture that is uninformed or misinformed, fearful and becoming ever more unstable.

    As humans, we are supposedly adaptable critters. Can we adapt to a world where we all must not just tolerate, but cooperate with "foreigners" in order to survive? How does one learn to respect newcomers rather than fear them?

    In any case, we'll all be learning survival lessons soon. Class is now in session. Good luck to all!


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