Pollution kills about 15 times more people than wars and terrorist violence, according to the Lancet Commission.

Pollution kills about 15 times more people than wars and terrorist violence, according to the Lancet Commission. We'd better ignore this. Industry does. Republicans generally do. Why should YOU make a stink about pollution?


  1. Leonard Smith ...and now Nixon's EPA is being used by the Confederates to further weaken the Union. The Confederate conspiracy is implementing Putin's plan to turn the US federal government against itself and its people.

    For instance, the EPA is in the process of morphing from an agency for Environmental Protection to an advocate for Environmental Pollution. But it is not alone. The Education Department is attacking public education. The Department of Energy is supporting unprofitable industries with billions in subsidies, wasting tax dollars. The Executive is dishonoring Americans who have served and is thus weakening the spirit of the American military.

    The disintegration of the American military deserves more attention. As Congresscritters throw more and more dollars at the problem, more and more mercenaries are being hired to fight for causes in which Americans are either disengaged (thanks in part to no more military draft) or oppose. Rome tried this. Rome collapsed.

    Putin, unable to defeat the American military of 2016, is patiently waiting for it to become irrelevant. With just a tad of help from the enemies of democracy and democratic alliances, such as Puppet Trump, Putin's plan is on schedule. In due course, his initiatives for the territorial expansion of the Russian state will resume.

    Meanwhile Americans, fighting among themselves and confused as much as possible by their own government's propaganda, will expect that the consequences of all this will affect somebody else. Surely the vast clouds of radiation released by a nuclear war "over there" will be deflected by a "wall" at our border!

    Yes, Lancet Commission, millions of people worldwide are now dying of ordinary, everyday, garden variety atmospheric pollution. However, if any of us are stupid enough to detonate nuclear weapons anywhere on earth, worldwide radioactive pollution may soon make that statistic look pitifully small and war will once again prove itself a very efficient killer, indeed.

    What a nightmare! Hopefully this comment is all fake news and none of it is really happening.

  2. Leonard Smith No way I can back Trump. I consider lies to be insults. He is full of them, every one very inventive, but none of them truthful. He insults himself. Neat trick!

    He also dignifies idle gossip and rumor with the important-sounding title "fake news" while manufacturing a good deal of it himself.

    And he never learns. It takes guts to apologize when you've made an error. No errors = no education. No apologies = no guts.

    But Trump is not the primary problem. The problem is a cowardly Congress. They refuse to tax the people who have the money. Then they wonder why their taxes generate no income. Duh! Time to borrow again!


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