Save the humans!

Save the humans! We know not what we do. Do we also care not what we do? Environmental groups are taking on whole categories of industry. Saving other species will save ours, too. The environment does not accept apologies.



  1. Leonard Smith For those who are not acquainted with Misophonia, I recommend the site below. This was the first I heard of it. It has been my experience that humans in general pursue their lives without much awareness of the noise they generate. (As family members testify, this applies to me when the earphones are on and a favorite tune is playing.)

    I am particularly aware of the sound environment when I attempt to record sounds of nature, such as babbling brooks. Everyday 21st century human sounds overwhelm most sounds of nature. A recording I made demonstrates this [ ] I overlayed sounds recorded on a walk with my dog Rosie with what I thought was quiet, peaceful piano music (which cuts out at about 3:30). - Symptoms and Triggers - Misophonia Online - What is Misophonia?


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