Surviving a nuclear attack may not be desirable.

Surviving a nuclear attack may not be desirable. The blast kills ALL, but not immediately. Depending on your luck, you may out of range of the initial blasts. The fallout, however, will be very dangerous. Fallout disperses rapidly and widely. Here's some official US thinking on how to survive if you are not vaporized instantly. Given time, the environment will recover. However, the environment will not recover fast enough to prevent your suffering.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that our primitive nuclear devices put the whole planetary environment at risk. If there is an exchange between India and Pakistan, for example, harmful radioactive traces will appear in the Americas and Russia and Australia and China and South Africa and Saudi Arabia... That is why many nations have agreed to ban atmospheric testing.

Your country can be "neutral," not even one of the warring parties and still be affected. We need to rid the world of these weapons!



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