Ten years of Tambora The Tambora volcanic eruption way back in 1815 [ https://goo.gl/H1PShB ] sent particles into...

Ten years of Tambora The Tambora volcanic eruption way back in 1815 [ https://goo.gl/H1PShB ] sent particles into Earth's stratosphere where they were responsible for decreasing the surface temperature for about a year. The result was crop failures in New England, where killing frosts were experienced every month of 1816. Worldwide, climate disruption led to droughts, floods and global cholera. How would you like to put up with this combined with radiation sickness and cancer for a decade?!

That's what Putin Puppet Trump is threatening. He doesn't know or care much about nuclear winter. Americans like Trump have had zero experience with nuclear weapons detonating over American cities. P.P. Trump thinks he's going to watch war unfold on his screen, to the same extent that he has been entertained watching the destruction of hurricanes and earthquakes from a safe position of isolated privilege.

Wrong again, P.P.! Push the nuclear button and most of the world's population, including citizens of the former USA, will starve to death. Non-combatants will not be spared. All countries will suffer. There will be no refuge. All the world will be Pripyat, the city that no longer exists. [ https://goo.gl/PebZ1l ]


  1. Leonard Smith Much better idea than my impulse to stock up on non-perishables, porta-potties, etc. for a future fallout shelter! I remember coming upon barrels of "survival cookies" stored under the auditorium of my high school by the government in the 1950s. Unpalatable fare for gloomy surroundings! The dismal prospect of humans forced to deal with each other in close proximity for weeks is a depressing nightmare for many...even if there's something better than survival cookies on the menu!

  2. Leonard Smith Brave fellow! One look at those cookies and my curiosity vanished. Yes, Yellowstone would be a real boost to the ratings, while solving the problems of global warming and overpopulation for decades.

    For those who have not experienced Survival Cookies, here's a taste of the action:
    greengopost.com - Survival Biscuits, 47 Years Later


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