Another letter to my Congresscritter has been dispatched:

Another letter to my Congresscritter has been dispatched:

Please insist that normal Congressional procedures be followed in consideration of the current tax bill. The usual committee process might reveal that you personally have no investments in companies playing shell games to avoid taxes as detailed in the Paradise Papers.

Several members of Congress have ties to investments that benefit from tax avoidance shenanigans. Thanks to good investigative reporting rather than to any attack of honesty on the part of those serving, the general public will know their names...probably in time to influence the outcome of your attempt to run for office in 2018.

Why not be on the side of integrity instead of siding with corrupt public officials?

!Looks bad for those currently serving!

Thank you for your time.

(World finances determine how international corporate entities respond -- or fail to respond -- to environmental challenges. They also can, by tax avoidance, diminish the capability of nations to implement wise environmental choices.)

Environmental Politics followers: Read the best (BBC) summary of the Paradise Papers at [ ] or listen to the "Reveal" podcast below:


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