Earth to humans: Get a load of this!

Earth to humans: Get a load of this! Just around the edges, bit by bit, glacier by glacier, on more than one continent, things are happening. Now.



  1. Leonard Smith (I am responding to all followers here. I realize you are personally all too aware of much of this.) All we can do is keep focused on ourselves as individuals and on the policies of our own governments, local, regional and national.

    China will take care of itself, probably repeating many of the historical mistakes other "developed" nations have made.

    Urban residents of China and India are experiencing the consequences of bad or no climate planning and will learn how to deal with their air and water pollution the same way America did -- by suffering until something is done about it.

    Since not many of us live in the Arctic or Antarctic, things like glaciers melting or ozone holes are not matters of personal experience. The scale of these events, as witnessed by this post, is nonetheless mind-boggling! International awareness is called for in these cases and International coordination might be helpful. The USA is a non-cooperator under Trump. US citizens can change that. Will we?

    At the turn of the year 2017/2018, residents Miami, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and several Pacific island nations are personally experiencing sea level rise.

    One could say "this is the tip of the iceberg." Inland communities are about to get slammed with millions of coastal refugees. Is your community preparing for this? Aware coastal residents are already on the move. A million or two have already left Puerto Rico (for equally threatened Florida, unfortunately for them).

    Western nations are not going to convince anybody to stop developing. We may, however, share our experiences and hope that somebody is listening thoughtfully. Some are. Meanwhile, I hope we are listening and learning as well.

    By the way, we will all have to learn how to welcome refugees regardless of their origin. Evidence indicates nobody has figured this out yet. Suggestions, anyone? - Air pollution in India - Wikipedia

  2. Leonard Smith And cholera, among other delights.


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