What Trump has accomplished...so far.

What Trump has accomplished...so far... This is just a small part of the Confederate Conspiracy [ https://goo.gl/ccaF4g ] to destroy the Federal government by disabling its agencies. Putin's Plan for the US: [ https://goo.gl/TosdL4 ] The disintegration of the Union will impoverish all US citizens. Our worst days are yet to come.



  1. Hmm... some 19th century trade cards advertised medicines for children that were nothing more than alcoholic beverages. If the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 is repealed or no longer enforced on the excuse that it is too much "government regulation" the US will no doubt return to such irresponsible marketing practices.

  2. I can be fooled. I'm at the stage where I could use some memory enhancement. Dietary supplements are not covered by the 1906 act and companies are currently making money on those of us who want to believe their lies. I almost bought a bottle of the product discussed on the link below.

    The company that produced that product responded to criticism by stating that, "its product is safe and calling the FTC ...a 'lame-duck' federal agency with heads who are about to be replaced by the incoming administration..." Gee whiz, that line isn't even original! Lots of commercial interests are saying similar things about the agencies that try to put the lid on their false advertising.
    nbcnews.com - Jellyfish Memory Supplement Prevagen Is a Hoax, FTC Says - NBC News


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