Are we all breathing smog?

Are we all breathing smog? Knowing what's actually happening in the world [ ] takes more work these days! Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability is the "sacred C-I-A security triad."

" you may or may not feel that fighting disinformation is part of your job description... Remember, though, that "integrity" is the "I" in the sacred security C-I-A triad, even if confidentiality and availability get most of the attention. So it is worth studying how attackers spread disinformation campaigns, [ ] , how disinformation has been used to disrupt elections in Ukraine and the US [ ], how attackers use fake social media profiles for malicious purposes [ ], how the FCC's Net Neutrality public comment process was marred by the influx of millions of comments made with stolen identities [ ], and how social engineering in all its forms succeeds daily. "

Putin's Plan for the US: [ ]



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