Coming to America In your lifetime?

Coming to America In your lifetime? This year, political refugees are showing us a preview of what may happen inside the US if coastal flooding occurs rapidly (and the Union withstands the current onslaught of the Confederate Conspiracy [ ] to destroy it). Ohio? Say hello to displaced US citizens from New Jersey! Border "walls," nature preserves, parks and local zoning laws will be trampled by intrastate migration. Keeping migrants out NEVER works, so make preparations, America! The hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans who arrived in Florida in 2017 are just the initial wave of what is to come! Gradually, the distinction between Environmental and Political refugees blurs.



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  2. Eve Nigro Well past my courtship years, I am both in a relationship and "drop dead" old! Sorry to disappoint, but I prefer that we keep our conversation on topic here. The challenges facing surviving generations will be even harder than finding the ideal companion...which, as you have pointed out, is far from easy.

  3. Eve Nigro The exchange of personal information via this Google+ comments field is not safe. Please send no more requests for such information and do not post your personal details here. Thank you.


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