Someone wicked this way comes.

Someone wicked this way comes... Pipsqueak Pruitt is so scared of the American people who pay his salary, he won't even let us hear what he has to say! [ ] Considering what he is doing, that should not surprise us.


  1. Leonard Smith Democratic politicians have disappointed me on this topic for some time. New in the Trump era, however, is the habit of putting environmental polluters themselves at the head of agencies that are supposed to be advocates for clean air, water, etc. We were probably not supposed to notice....but I see you've experienced the change already. Relegating this character to the ash heap of history needs to happen soon.

  2. Esrat Jahan Thanks for stopping by! Google flagged your comment as off-topic advertising and deleted it. This comments field is restricted to the topic of 19th century trade cards. Contemporary ads are deleted.


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