The Water Will Come.

The Water Will Come... We have no choice but to plan for it. NOW is the time for YOU to move away from vulnerable coastlines, BEFORE coastal real estate becomes worthless and potable water is no longer available at your now uninsured seaside property.

If the past is any guide, sea level rise, previously gradual, will soon arrive in pulses, several feet at a time in response to large chunks of the world's remaining continental glaciers calving into the sea.

I have just begun to explore and I've already learned something! For those of us living inland in 2018, it is time to prepare for an influx of coastal refugees. For those on the coast, it is time to leave. Even if we change our fossil fuel burning ways this month, our fate has been sealed by our historical habits.


  1. Click to enlarge this illuminating paragraph from the book "The Water Will Come..." by Jeff Goodell. Mr. Goodell says "if that were to occur again." Earth says, "It will."

  2. Leonard Angus Smith I agree. Collectively, we're nuts, I guess! I don't understand why folks rebuild--especially if they rebuild in the same locations to the same inadequate standards of their original structures. Why should the taxpayers pay for this via Federal flood insurance programs or otherwise?

    If taxpayers do give aid, it should be conditional upon the departure of the affected families from the threatened area. We should replace "flood" insurance with "relocation" insurance. You can have your money, but you have to leave.

    Surely, private investors will soon realize that coastal regions are way too risky to support long-term investments, insurance or no. I am astounded by the decision of big institutions, such as Universities (which should know better), to invest in new campuses, etc. near current sea level. What a waste of capital!

    If the sea destroys something, let it be. The sea will be back--and soon!


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