What are they hiding?

What are they hiding? Puppet Trump's flunkies are trying to do as much as possible in secret. [ http://politi.co/2BSMZUL ] They are frightened that you might find out what they are doing behind your back. Putin's Plan for the US: [ https://goo.gl/TosdL4 ] Cowardice in action, folks! Must be they are ashamed of themselves... as they should be.



  1. They maybe running scared since Mueller is on the case. Afraid there names are on his list too.

  2. Anthony Anderson I agree, but Trump's emphasis seems to be on out-maneuvering Mueller and protecting his royal family. Trump has been ignoring US law and the Constitution since he took the oath to defend it. Trump thinks Trump can violate US law with impunity. Maybe he can.

  3. Esrat Jahan Best of luck with your business! Google flags advertising in these comment posts as spam and it is deleted.

  4. Jeff Diver I agree with you about the laws Donald Trump has bent and broken just for his personal gain. People talk about JFK, Carter, Clinton and Obama braking the law but, I have never seen any of these former President's act so reckless and uncaring about the people who he claims to represents.

  5. Leonard Smith For those like me who have never heard of the "Visegrad nations," see [ https://goo.gl/xGubaS ] the map below:

    Nobody is supposed to see the Putin link. Indeed, Putin is just one of the foreign dictators for whom Trump has expressed great admiration. I have yet to see Trump applaud democracy. He displays fear when confronted by democratic institutions (like fair elections and a free press) both here and abroad.
    en.wikipedia.org - Visegrád Group - Wikipedia

  6. Leonard Smith Going back to your comment before last, you referred to Kushner as the "Key to it all." I haven't been paying much attention to his shenanigans. (Perhaps because Trump wants the media spotlight on Trump exclusively.) What do you mean by "Key?"

  7. Leonard Smith Hmm... I thought you might be referring to Kushner's Israeli connections. He may have been responsible for the US losing our "neutral" status in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. There is evidence that Trump also has a long history with the Mafia:
    youtube.com - Married to the Mob: Investigative Journalist Craig Unger on What Trump Owes the Russian Mafia

  8. Leonard Smith I've read about all sorts of NY politicians of both parties convicted of a variety of misdeeds, not necessarily involving mafia. What prompts you to paint Dems as "so involved with the mob?" Are you talking about any national politicians I would know?


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