My latest correspondence with local representatives

My latest correspondence with local representatives

Thanks for your thoughtful response!

I'm fairly certain NYSEG owns all the dead trees and flimsy wires throughout our County. I suspect that where I live Village codes may require that new subdivisions bury their infrastructure. This may be a consistent feature of codes across the County's incorporated villages and towns. That is a good step forward, but it doesn't help those of us in older neighborhoods or residents in rural areas. If there's a will there's a way! While we need expect no help from the Trump administration, there may be some hope for State leadership in hardening infrastructure. Jurisdictional issues should not be allowed as an excuse to prolong the status quo. This is an issue critical to our well-being. Bury those electric cables!

Residents of Hawaii were not reassured by "Hazard Mitigation Plans" when their phones warned them of an incoming missile. They panicked. County residents deserve tangible evidence of these Plans, such as a list of locally designated (and prominently labeled) fallout shelters stocked with fresh food and water. Sirens and dramatic "this is not a drill" phone messages stimulate panic if citizens have had no "drills" and haven't the vaguest notion where they can find shelters that have been prepared in advance for their accommodation. A plan less harmful to the populace under these circumstances would be to just let the missiles arrive! Few will survive with lives worth living anyway.

Planning for feeding large populations in the event of catastrophic crop failure is probably way too much to ask of government at any level. It is necessary, but it will not be done. Elected officials at all levels should regard Gillen D'Arcy Wood's Tambora: the Eruption that Changed the World as required reading. They probably won't have a clue what to do, but at least they will be aware of the problems that will happen when crops fail in their lifetimes. Here's a summary of Tambora's contents:

"Gillen D’Arcy Wood traces Tambora’s global and historical reach: how the volcano’s three-year climate change regime initiated the first worldwide cholera pandemic, expanded opium markets in China, and plunged the United States into its first economic depression. Bringing the history of this planetary emergency to life, Tambora sheds light on the fragile interdependence of climate and human societies to offer a cautionary tale about the potential tragic impacts of drastic climate change in our own century." [emphasis added]

Thanks again for giving these matters your consideration!


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