What's happening in the Environmental Politics Collection (revised: 5 December 2018)

What's happening in the Environmental Politics Collection (revised: 5 December 2018)

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A big THANK YOU to all who have the courage to follow this Collection of unfolding nightmares. These are difficult issues and you are wise to pay attention to them! The "sands" around us are filled with the heads of those who are not paying heed....to say nothing of those whose heads are filled with the sands of propaganda!

I hope you will review several of the posts here, and not just the recent ones. I sometimes comment on my own posts, adding new information as it is called to my attention.

You, too, should feel free to add relevant comments, bearing he next paragraph in mind.

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"Все мы-хорошие люди , но не во Всём , не Всегда , и не со Всеми." -- Google+ profile statement, Konul Aliyeva

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  1. I don't know what happened but I used to just get your posts about Victorian images/Arnold cards. Now suddenly my stream is filling up with political and environmental propaganda and hyperbole. Posts from this collection never previously reached my stream. I have to unfollow but good luck with your collections and Arnold card postings.

  2. Otter Boyd Thanks for your good wishes! You need not follow my profile. You can follow individual Collections [ https://goo.gl/NW9yVs ] as you please. As you have noted, only one of them has to do with the current crisis in the United States.

    Meanwhile, I will continue the work I began as a Ranger Naturalist in 1968, alerting the public as best I can to the degradation of the environment we are experiencing, whether we choose to face up to the issues or prefer to be distracted from them.

    I'm pleased my "hyperbole" caught your attention (that's what it was designed to do) and do not apologize for being a "propagandist" for a very worthy cause. American democracy is worth it, wouldn't you agree?

  3. Jeff Diver thank you, I might follow specific collections instead.

    If you've seen my stream then you know we are very like-minded people with regard to the outdoors. I agree there are problems occurring in the environment, and distractions keeping us from noticing or addressing them. I think we and the environment would do well to avoid those distractions - to campaign for the environment and not distract from that or dilute and divert efforts by campaigning for or against a particular political party. When political bias comes into play it corrupts the real message, science and truth.

    Yes the hyperbole caught my attention, as it was designed to do, and it is a worthy cause to write passionately about. But over the last 10 years America has become intensely polarized so that tactic might win some fans, and alienate a lot of others. It's part of the distraction.

    To solve environmental issues we need to be more unified regardless of politics. Environment comes first. As long as we are herded to extreme ends on the political spectrum nothing will be accomplished. The only people to profit by that will be the ruthless politicians and businesses. We already know that the info and "science" they put out to support their arguments are often absolute fabrications and fraud. Meanwhile, reality continues, there are environmental issues to address, but we debate politics, either worshiping or hating the frauds and hucksters, as if that's the answer. They love it. The environment suffers.

    Best wishes fighting for a worthy cause. When we can fight for worthy causes without alienating true allies then progress happens.

  4. Otter Boyd Thanks for your thoughtful response! Hopefully, the resumption of military activity related to the Civil War in the States will not spill over into Ontario. I suspect, however, that it may.

    It is very hard to keep one's mind exclusively on environmental issues when the unity of the States is once again being threatened (with the help of Russia). Politics very much affects the environment and just now the politics of the States is concentrating on deliberately harming the environment, attacking environmental protections, agencies, personnel, etc. and setting one region of the country against another.

    Meanwhile, I know personally of at least one US family that is making active plans to emigrate to Canada. Her family, of course, will join the many immigrants already arriving from the States in Canada as the Union disintegrates. Canadian politics looks pretty peaceful compared to the States just now! I hope Canada will set a good example for the treatment of immigrants, contrary to attitudes displayed here in the US. Refugee camps are not kind to their environment.

    Sadly, or maybe not, the US is no longer the "leader of the Free World," is no longer (not that it ever was) "exceptional" among nations and cannot be relied upon as an ally. In fact, we have become experts on alienating allies!

    Perhaps we will recover our sanity and restore unity. But until we do, I will report to my followers on Environmental Politics using the most descriptive terms I can. The adjectives which I attach to Trump and his supporters accurately describe their activities. They are working hard to earn those terms!

    I wish I could just ignore all this and concentrate on providing Victorian trade card images to those who appreciate them. I cannot do so, however, without remembering that my Grandfather grew up in a single-parent household as a result of his father's Civil War-related death. The Earl J. Arnold Advertising Collection was created by his mother to keep him and his siblings occupied while she did chores.

    For many Americans, the Civil War never ended. Folks just stopped shooting for awhile. What a nightmare!

  5. Jeff Diver I do understand that politics and environment seem to be inextricably linked but in reality environment transcends all. When someone loves the environment more than they hate a politician (or party) I feel there may be some chance of credibility. But when the focus seems to be on political propaganda and campaigning then I don't pay attention. I've already got access to CNN and all the other mainstream media willing and eager to fabricate, wildly exaggerate or hide information and always telling me what to think.

    You mentioned Trump and "his supporters" - do you perceive everyone who voted against Hillary or Obama to be the enemy? As you know I'm in Canada so I didn't vote, but if I had voted I most certainly wouldn't have supported Hillary. Does that then mean by default I too am a "Trump supporter" and therefore the enemy? It's ludicrous isn't it? Regardless of where we stand politically we value the same thing and might fight for it together, but turning it into us-vs-them politics not only diminishes that message, it ensures it never gets addressed at all. Exactly what the politicians want. They divide and conquer us. It's playing into their hands. I refuse to play that game.

    I enjoy the Victorian art you're sharing. I'm working on a children's story set in roughly that period (more toward Edwardian though) and I'd like to create the artwork in a style reminiscent of that time. I'm always looking at the old paintings and illustrations to get a feel for what the imagery was like at the time. There is definitely a certain vibe to the Arnold card art, which seems to be a generation or two earlier than I usually study. The child characters, as was typical for advertising in Victorian times, don't look quite like children but more like miniature adults. It wasn't until a little later that the concept of childhood, and children being distinct from adults, developed. Then it was reflected in advertising art, book illustrations etc, which depicted kids more naturally and realistically. Seeing your cards which were being produced during that transitional period is interesting. Thanks for the work you put into capturing the images and sharing them.

  6. Jeff Diver yes you are correct, it is different here in Canada. We have a much smaller population and all the same social problems the US faces but here everything is scaled down to the size of the small population. As you pointed out, some people are deciding to move from the US to Canada in search of more security. Up here, particularly since the era of the Trudeau liberal government in the 1960s, we experience the opposite - a "Brain Drain" as they call it. People who become skilled, talented or successful at anything tend to want to go south to the US. Meanwhile Canada no longer attracts the best and most successful people from other countries. It's not a good immigration policy for a stable, secure and sustainable future.

    Thank you for mentioning the Rachel Carson quote. I like it! I think for children to keep their inborn sense of wonder we have to allow them to keep it and not school it out of them. It's something we can rediscover in our adult selves too if we can de-tox from the schooling we received.

    Thanks for the link to the book on Nature Study. I will download and look at it.

    The typed article from your blog was interesting to read too. It gives a good feel for the time and touches on some of things that have inspired me to write and illustrate a story about that time and in the style of it too. I agree that the illustrators of the day were exceptional. There weren't many other things competing for attention or entertainment, people were literate and illustrations and stories were powerful. I realize that times have changed significantly. To write and illustrate in that manner today, for a generation and demographic that is discouraged from enjoying reading, assures me that my work has almost no chance of going far. But the stories and pictures might become a treasure to my boys as the Arnold cards were to the kids mentioned in the article. And then maybe, like the cards, sometime in the distant future others might discover and enjoy it too.

  7. Otter Boyd Popularity isn't everything. I hope you will continue to pursue your work knowing that it has value of itself. A lot of folks are following your profile and commenting on your posts. What you are doing is inspired & unique. Carry on!


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