What's happening? Those who know reality are best positioned to change it.

What's happening? Those who know reality are best positioned to change it.

Understanding what's going on is difficult in a world awash with (not just Russian) propaganda. On the one hand, the Alliance for Securing Democracy [ https://goo.gl/wcw9Fc ] is playing an important role tracking Russian Twitter activity. On the other, Twitter isn't everything and we need to be aware that some of the trending material promoted is real news, not fake.

Environmental Politicians will find this a useful tool for tracking Russian Twitter activity on environmental/political issues. It needs to be noted, however, that this site is hosted by [ https://goo.gl/SLrFow ] a group which could be influenced by longstanding German vs. Russian hostility.

Russia and others may be influencing outcomes more effectively using other media, most notably Facebook. An effective Public Relations campaign is coordinated across all types of human communication.

My recommendation? Pay attention to the science first. In many cases, you can read the original scientific studies, at least their abstracts and conclusions, for yourself. You do not have to rely on second-hand analysis. If you know the science, you will understand not only what Earth is doing, but how humans are reacting to climate change.


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