Environmental concerns are beginning to be eclipsed by internal threats [ https://goo.gl/jmDPcq ] to the existence...

Environmental concerns are beginning to be eclipsed by internal threats [ https://goo.gl/jmDPcq ] to the existence of the United States.

WEAKENING THE UNION: PUTIN'S PLAN FOR THE (DIS)UNITED STATES UNFOLDS. Mission: destroy the United States Goals: 1. Cultivate and utilize Russian assets inside the US (such as Puppet Trump) to sow conflict and dissension within the United States. Using Trump, Russia has penetrated the FBI, CIA, Justice Department, Education Department, Department of Energy, EPA, Department of "Defense" and others. According to bragging by the Russian news media, the week before the State of the (Dis)Union Address, heads of Russian spy agencies met with Trump officials to give personal guidance and instruction to American traitors in Washington, DC.

While the collapse of all Federal Agencies would delight Putin, the disemboweling of the US State Department by Puppet Trump has been a particular pleasure for Putin to watch because it furthers the next goal.

2. Destroy American world power by weakening or dissolving America's alliances with other nations. NATO is a special target, as Russia wishes to occupy Eastern Europe in the manner the Soviet Union once did. It will make no difference how much money Putin's US Confederates (with great pomp) throw at the US military. If foreign governments do not welcome US troops on their soil, the US troops will go home or be defeated outright. American isolationists are thus fulfilling Putin's objectives.

3. Cut off the "brain drain" to the Disunited States by encouraging prejudice against immigrants, refugees, etc. If the US can be made an inhospitable place for immigrants, Americans will have fewer space scientists, fewer doctors, fewer highly skilled hackers(!) and greater poverty. Immigrants have been a primary factor in American world dominance. Arresting immigration will stagnate America and hasten its descent into mediocrity.

4. Permanently relegate the Disunited States to third world status by replacing the dollar as the predominant world currency. Worldwide economic forces have substituted one standard currency for another before. (The previous standard was the British Pound.) As an enfeebled US is forced to withdraw from the international stage, economic decay will follow (actually, Putin doesn't care which comes first). The speed with which this objective is achieved will depend on the success of the first three goals. The dissolution of the various European Empires is the model here.

Will Putin's plan succeed? Putin is doing this on the cheap, aided by his American assets. It is clear what Americans must do to defeat Putin. The ball is in our court, and America's Environmental Politicians more than ever will depend on international support to keep focused on the environmental fallout.


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