Puppet Trump prefers to work in secret.

Puppet Trump prefers to work in secret. Congressional Democrats, refused information by Confederate [ https://goo.gl/ccaF4g ] conspirators, [ http://politi.co/2hwx6am ] have to rely on private sources to pry information from government agencies.

"February 1, 2018

"Dear Jeffrey,

"With Republicans in control of both houses of Congress, there has been little congressional oversight on the Trump administration. Without being able to wield a committee gavel or threaten subpoenas, Democrats have a hard time even getting their requests for information answered.

"It is so bad, that Democratic congressional offices have asked PEER to fold documents they want into our Freedom of Information Act requests because we have a better chance of getting the records, especially if we sue, than they do.

"So, I was delighted on January 23rd to attend an extraordinary event. A group of Democratic U.S. Senators gathered in a Capitol hearing room to hear testimony from recently retired EPA experts on the breakdown in anti-pollution enforcement.

"While not an official event, the event drew 6 Senators and about 20 reporters. It looked like a hearing, ran like a hearing, and was covered like a hearing.

"PEER submitted testimony detailing the sharp drop in criminal pollution enforcement under Pruitt. We also helped round up witnesses from the ranks of new EPA alums. Among those testifying, for example, was Mike Walker, who until very recently was Director of EPA’s National Enforcement Training Institute.

"Participating senators want to hold more of these 'hearings' and we are more than happy to help.

"With 700 people recently leaving EPA, there is no shortage of potential witnesses or topics. PEER is busy recruiting more eyewitnesses who have just emerged from the belly of the beast. Help us keep this new light of transparency burning.


"Jeff Ruch
Executive Director PEER"


  1. Do not rely on the EPA for pollution regulation enforcement! Environmental Politicians will have to act locally. Know your local officials! Let them hear your concerns! Hopefully you will not be forced to resort to Monkey Wrench Gang [ https://goo.gl/VJQYWp ] tactics!


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