Early Warnings: Midterm Propaganda Proliferating Money = politics.

Early Warnings: Midterm Propaganda Proliferating Money = politics. The wealthy minority battles to maintain its control of the USA.

"Most of the TV ads purchased by outside groups — or two out of every three ads — came from a “dark money” group, according to the study.

"These groups — which tend to be 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations that are not supposed to have politics as their primary purpose and are not required to disclose their donors — tend to spend heavily during the long run-up to an election. That’s because the groups can run ads that mention a candidate and reference an issue, such as health care or taxes, as a way to demonstrate either their support or opposition to a particular candidate without saying “vote for” or “vote against.”

"Such ads only have to be reported to the FEC 30 days before a primary or 60 days before the general election, making them an effective way for nominally [ dishonest ] apolitical groups to run stealth political ads."



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