CENSORED! Rob Rogers was fired for drawing cartoons like this for the newspaper which formerly employed him. Trump worshipers are so tolerant! See [ http://bit.ly/TrumpCriticFired ] and, of course, [ http://robrogers.com/ ]


  1. I love the left

    Tump insults Kim "AHHHHH HE'S STARTING WWIII!!!"

    Trump talks to him and says something positive about him "AHHH TRUMP IS SUPPORTING A DICTATOR"

    You're never happy no matter what.

  2. Melancholic exactly. By now, Trump could literally personally pay for everyone's cancer treatment from his own fortune and somehow that would still be evil somehow.

  3. Melody Storm What is "people's recommended?" If you know what you're talking about, please let us know.

  4. Jeff Diver
    It's just a thing Google has that's supposed to recommend things that relate to peoples' specific interests. But instead, it spams us with a whole bunch of political shit we don't want.

    It sucks. And Google knows it.

  5. SilverStar Heggisist Sorry, must have missed the last Trump Worship Service. Thanks for your love in any case! Happy to hear you've discovered "Hear, Here" and hope you'll read further. Characterizing other people's opinions without bothering to know what they are is quite the skill set!

  6. Melancholic Let me see what happens by the mere substitution of a single name:

    "They hate anything Obama does, even when he does good they get mad at him for it. I mean Obama does seem like a pretty flawed president but that doesn't mean that he's the spawn of Satan."

    Sound familiar? It should. Except for the comforting disclaimer at the end, we heard a lot of this from he who shall remain nameless during and after his campaign.

  7. Jeff Diver um I'm sorry but I can't make head nor tail of what you said.

    It sounds like if I am interpreting this correctly. That you consider pointing out a hypocracy of a group (such as being pissed when someone says A and then being equally pissed when that same person says the polar opposite B) as being a Trump Worshipper. Or put another way, seeing anything other then just all bad all the time about Trump as being a Trump Worshipper.

    I am not however all pro Trump. Actually as some of my earlier posts have shown, I'm rather skeptical of trump because of his rather recent comments on guns

    I can find positives in people on both sides of the isle and I can find negatives. A negative on Trump would be wanting to take guns without due process. And positive on Trump would be that he isn't silver tongued.

  8. Melancholic I understand your frustration, particularly when opinions are expressed with so much disrespect. Your disinterest, however threatens your future. People who are "turned off" and not paying attention suffer many unpleasant surprises in life.

  9. Väinämö Usva Thanks for the explanation! I'm deflated "Hear, Here" hasn't won any Google recognition outside of the usual Google algorithm failure that brought the Collection to folk's attention in the first place. I've made some pretty fierce posts in "Hear, Here" and have no idea why Google suddenly picked up this one to broadcast while ignoring all the rest.


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