Conservative estimates.

Conservative estimates. I wonder how Americans on higher ground will "welcome" their fellow-American coastal refugees to their towns. Will families be separated for internment in "shelters?" Will the greeting we have given our fellow-Americans from Puerto Rico be the model? Climate refugees have already arrived from our shores. There will be millions more. Get used to it, America! This is our shared future and common fate.



  1. What a joke. Not in our lifetimes hon.

  2. Chip Dixon We'll see, and unless you are currently on your deathbed, you will, too. Scientists have been wrong on all their predictions so far, as they have consistently underestimated the amount of global ice that has been melting, particularly in Antarctica.

    We have already seen the submergence of some Pacific islands, parts of Louisiana and some neighborhoods in Miami. The efforts made to install pumps in Miami have proven helpful (though expensive), but their capacity will eventually be exceeded. Those MIami residents are going to have to evacuate sometime to somewhere. Nevada sounds good, Kevin Smith! Beautiful country out there!

    Sea level rise is happening today. Those of us on higher ground can joke about it all we want, but our fellow-Americans are facing the consequences right now, in our lifetimes. As they relocate to our neighborhoods, we will, too.


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