Good news for solar!

Good news for solar! Keep an eye on this news story. It may soon be time for an upswing in the US solar industry, in spite of Trump's tariffs.



  1. Of course there is the small problem of water run off and the solar boiling plants (that focus sunlight to boil water) blinding pilots and literally cooking birds right out of the sky for miles around. Not to mention the environmental disaster that is mining the minerals used to make the panels.

  2. SilverStar Heggisist Agreed. Resource extraction is something we humans do poorly. Mines and fracking and nuclear reactors all leave behind nasty stuff we usually just leave until several humans start dying from it. Then we sometimes create even more problems by making some attempt to clean up the mess....usually be relocating it in somebody else's back yard.

    Solar boiling plants don't blind pilots and cook birds, do they? Where did you get that? A more likely concern is that back here in the eastern US, solar farms are being located on good agricultural land, taking it out of service.

  3. Jeff Diver when they tried it in the south west. Yes it did. What happens is that there was alot of waste light that would cause massive glare. This one was in the middle of a desert. I believe in Arizona but I could be wrong.

    Nuclear power is actually when done right very clean and sustainable. However the problem was as almost always, government.

    Originally the idea was for the plant to recycle it's own waste, re refining it back to a useable state. This would mean almost zero waste and none of this massive radioactive waste problem. However the government decided that only the government is allowed to refine nuclear material and they made no plans to re refine reactor waste. This is rather sad in my opinion.


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