Insignificant sea level rise so far, but much more to come.

Insignificant sea level rise so far, but much more to come. What has been melting are the ice shelves floating offshore. These have been holding back the real threat, the glaciers on land. Once the ice shelves are gone...whee! The real excitement will begin.

The article states "...sea level is expected to rise at a rate that will catch some coastal communities unprepared despite persistent warnings." Coastal "communities" like New York City, say? Is anybody planning for this? Where do we expect all those people to go? This is not something for somebody else to worry about. Coastal refugees will be camping out in YOUR back yard!



  1. Actually Antarctica is still getting bigger. What is happening is the rate that it is growing is slowing down. But it is still centuries away from getting a net loss.

  2. I also would point out the science ship a few years ago that went out to study the ice melting. That got stuck in record ice. So badly that the Russian Icebreaker sent to rescue them had to turn back because there was too much ice for the ice breaker to break through. They had to use helicopters and get the shop months later.

  3. SilverStar Heggisist As you pointed out in an earlier comment, local conditions such as the fate of an individual ice breaker do not prove global points.

    Net loss in the Antarctic will arrive when it arrives. What will really make a difference in sea level is when the ice shelves blocking the advance of the glaciers into the sea melt. That will likely happen in your lifetime.

  4. Jeff Diver oh I just thought it was funny that's all.

    I tend to ignore various clames about when such and such will happen. Because they've been consistently wrong. A example of this was in Al'Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" where various predictions were made about the climate and dates were given. Those dates have come and gone and none of them happened.

  5. SilverStar Heggisist Such claims are indeed just guesses. The statistics that have come in so far indicate the predictions have all been failing in one direction. They have been far too optimistic. Things are happening faster than forecast.

  6. Jeff Diver no they're happening much slower. The oceans were supposed to have swallowed up much of the cost by now. Even though that hasn't happened. There are a number of videos on YouTube that go point by point on each prediction that was supposed to have happened.

    What actually happens is we pass each time stamp and they just push back the date further.


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