More on the outrageous Trump/Sessions policy to separate families at the US border.

More on the outrageous Trump/Sessions policy to separate families at the US border. These people flee the criminals operating in their countries only to find themselves delivered to the Trump/Sessions criminals in ours!



  1. Don't want to get sperated, then don't cross illigally. It's rather simple really.

    Also by trying to come here illigally, they are literally spitting in the face of the people who went through all the BS that we make them go though to join our country.

    The problem is that we wanted a welfare country. And that means we can not have everyone just showing up. Because we can not afford taking care of everyone.

    Also instead of fleeing one your country to come here. Make your country good. The problem with fleeing is you eventually run out of other people's places to ruin.

  2. Jeff Diver the US isn't shunning immigrants. It is illigal ones that people have problem with. The ones who just show up instead of going through the application process.

    There is also a process for being a refugee in the US. You do not just show up in the county.

    The rate of immigration is regulated for several reasons including protecting jobs here. Immigrants hurt workers ready here because they add to the job pool. Which drives down wages and drives up unemployment.

  3. SilverStar Heggisist Trump is trying to shun immigrants by making believe they are ALL "animals." (His word.) Trump has a problem with ALL immigrants, legal and illegal. He does not make the distinction you make.

    Immigrants make jobs for Americans by starting new businesses. They do not take them away. NYC is a perfect example which has immigrants (think Trump Tower) to thank for its revival.

    Did you know Trump himself is a first-generation immigrant? His father arrived in America not even knowing the language. He should know better than to criticize his own people.

  4. Jeff Diver he has said illigal more times then I can count.

    He also has stated he wants immigration reform. Something we badly need.

  5. Jeff Diver the vast majority of people are not starting jobs. In large part because it's risky, expensive and the government makes it difficult.

    What does happen though when you add a bunch of people who will do the same job for half the cost, is it drives wages down. The reason immigrants are found in jobs "Americans don't want" is that Americans aren't willing to work for peanuts for those jobs.


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