USA. USA! is becoming usa, who cares? Environmental politicians need to understand that Trump is NOT "the leader of the free world." As per Putin's plan [ ] Trump will promote Trump's mob family while overseeing the disintegration of the formerly United States. Putin's puppet, weakling Trump doesn't know that Putin actually despises him, playing him as a useful idiot. World leaders share Putin's assessment. They are paying more attention to Trump's foolish actions than to Trump's worship services (aka "rallies"). How this shift in world politics will affect the environment has yet to be determined. But it is not necessarily good news.



  1. Still better then the "lead from behind" which helped make the conditions that made ISIS.

  2. Jeff Diver the middle East was made a mess when the Muslims moved in and destoryed the Arabic cultures in the area at that time. Before the Muslims the Arabs were on track to advance humanity far far faster then they did advance. Once the Muslims moved in the falling apart began.

    It should also be noted that much of early European actions in the middle East started as a response to the Muslims invading and spreading north and east.

    In the modern day, the middle East needs strong dictators to keep stability and peace. And what the western powers didn't seem to realize was that before you can have democracy, the people first have to have key world views that Muslims lack, such as the right to have different opinions and beliefs.

    Arabia is a example of how religion is the problem.

  3. SilverStar Heggisist I disagree with everything there except your final statement. Religious bickering is responsible for lots of grief worldwide.


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