Who cares?

Who cares? As long as the real estate that's disappearing is not in a big city on the US mainland, should Americans pay attention? (Not that we're ignoring Miami or Louisiana, we're just distracted by other concerns.)Thanks to Charles Carrigan for this update on the creeping (and creepy!) consequences of our inattention to the early warnings of submergence!


Originally shared by Charles Carrigan

8 Islands in the Pacific (Micronesia) have become victims of rising sea level, several of them in the past 2 decades. This adds to the five Solomon islands that disappeared in the past century. In the S Pacific, sea level rise has been ~12 mm/year for the past ~25 years or so. That's ~11.8 inches since the early 1990s.



  1. The oceans used to be much much higher then they are now. And the world much warmer.

    Of greater concern then global warming is the part where we're due for another ice age, we are past due for another Yellowstone eruption, and we're eventually going to run out of the resource that has saved more lives, made longer lives and pushed society ahead rapidly, that being oil.


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