Another warning, another consequence of rising seas.

Another warning, another consequence of rising seas. Even if our climate turns sharply colder, the seas will continue to rise for awhile.



  1. And if a major data point, like NYC has floods again that knock out the internet, it can crash the economy (wall street is vulnerable due to coastal flooding).

  2. Joseph Teller Thanks for your insight! At least there are two of us who have our eyes open. The vast majority have stuck their heads in the sand. The comfort of denial pervades our world.

    Economic collapse isn't going to facilitate the process, either, but it is on the way in any case as the American empire, if not the US itself, disintegrates (with a little encouragement from our new authoritarian "friends.")

    I was pleased to find that at least one coastal city has been putting some thought into this subject. This is something we all should be doing....especially those of us who will not be swamped. - The Sea Level Rise Action Plan | Planning Department

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