Do we need the Chemical Safety Board (CSB)? No, says Trump. Here's the latest from

Do we need the Chemical Safety Board (CSB)? No, says Trump. Here's the latest from

"The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) is the only entity on the planet solely dedicated to the causes and prevention of major industrial accidents. Unfortunately, it is not enjoying its golden age at present.

"Several hundred major industrial accidents estimated to occur each year in communities across the country. As the rate and size of industrial explosions and spills increase, the CSB is imploding:

"The number of investigators has fallen by nearly half;
The number of new investigations is way down from previous years; and
The scope of the investigations has been narrowed to avoid discussion of system-wide failures, lack of safety-culture, or the potential preventative role of tighter regulation.​

​"Needless to say, industry is delighted. For that reason, you should be concerned, especially if you are one of the millions live near a refinery, chemical plant, or industrial lab.

"Compounding matters is the dismissal of Dr. Daniel Horowitz as CSB Managing Director, leaving the agency in the hands of two managers lacking any industrial safety experience.

"We Can Do Better. In addition to human error, natural disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey, cause industrial fires, explosions, and spills.

"Not only was the Horowitz dismissal executed in a cowardly fashion, but the also his case carries troubling implications for the entire federal merit system. After leaving Dr. Horowitz languishing on administrative leave for three years, CSB Chair Vanessa Sutherland to sustain the removal in her final day on the job, as she had abruptly resigned to take a private industry job. The proposed removal had been ripe for her decision since December 2015.

"Moreover, the termination was based on actions taken at the direction or with the approval of the presidential appointee who was Sutherland’s predecessor. If this termination stands, it raises the prospect that civil servants can be fired for doing their jobs every time the political winds change, meaning that Trump appointees could go after civil servants for having followed now disfavored orders from Obama appointees.

"He Deserved Better. Dr. Horowitz, a chemist with an impeccable record and distinguished in his field, is the victim of gross personnel management malpractice.

"Consequently, PEER is vigorously pursuing –

Restoration of Dr. Horowitz as CSB Managing Director;
A federal lawsuit to force CSB to track and report toxic air emissions from industrial accidents, such as the infamous Arkema chemical plant in Houston that caught on fire and exploded as a result of flooding from Hurricane Harvey; and
Toughening America’s alarmingly anemic industrial safety system.

"Each one of these worthy tasks is a heavy lift. We could use your help!"



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