A conversation with Michael Mann, "distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Penn State University and...

A conversation with Michael Mann, "distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Penn State University and author of 'The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial
 is Threatening our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving us Crazy.'” Unprecedented. (Aren't you tired of that description?!)



  1. I think they are just grasping at any natural disaster that happens to further their platform. California in the Summer to Fall is very dry. Anything will set it on fire. With further development these fires will happen more often in rural areas.
    I think it's just as credible that God is punishing California for their debauchery as it being caused by Global Warming.

    If you ever listened to inland radio during the summer you will hear about wildfires happening quite often.

  2. Kevin Smith Firefighters experienced with CA wildfires report they are burning hotter and covering more territory each successive fire season.

    Debauchery is much more prevalent in Trump's Russian White House than anywhere else on earth. Surely God's wrath there will be proportional.

    If one listens to Swedish radio, you will hear the desperation of a country that has never seen anything like this year's fire season. Nor have they ever recorded such high temperatures that far north.

    It is the scope of these disasters as well as their unusual locations that indicates something is going on worldwide, though in my inland community as with yours, things appear more or less normal. For the time being.
    rcinet.ca - Sweden's worst-ever wildfires could last for months


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