Are NDAs constitutional?

Are NDAs constitutional? I think not. You cannot trust the statements of anybody who has ever signed one, particularly if they are commenting on politics. Laundered speech is just propaganda. Non-disclosure Agreements need to be restricted, not propagated.



  1. Trumps NDA's may as well be used for toilet paper as they won't hold up in court.

  2. EdwardSlawson MichaelSlawson Thanks for stopping by! Your comment was flagged by Google as spam and deleted. We're not sure why, but suspect it was the foul language.

  3. Charlie Coburn I surely hope so! There's lots of legal "funny business" going on these days, with corporations now considered "people" and involuntary arbitration agreements, NDAs, etc. The courts will put a stop to some of it only as long as the judges are impartial and fair (and maybe not Trump appointees).


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