Sudden sea level rise will happen.

Sudden sea level rise will happen. It will not be gradual. Sell your coastal real estate now and head for the hills while you can! Scientists' predictions for the rates of ice melt are being wildly exceeded. Rapid sea level rise is coming.



  1. Archie Quinn Thanks for stopping by! Google flagged your comment as spam (advertising, I suspect) and it was deleted.

  2. Ya can't dump that much fresh water into the ocean without fucking up the mid Atlantic current and ultimately affecting weather patterns air temperatures and basically the whole environment as we know it. Unless you ignore all scientific evidence and think it's just a myth that hurts buiseness

  3. kevin Shackelford Absolutely right! Thanks for reminding us of these additional effects!

    As you point out, the Gulf Stream and other ocean currents are slowing down due to the influx of cold fresh water from melting glaciers.

    Scientists have also measured a weakening of the jet stream around the Arctic this summer. Weather systems are lingering over the same area for unusually long periods of time, which has meant sunny and hot in usually rainy England, forest fires in California and Sweden, worldwide crop failures, etc.

    I don't know how to persuade folks who ignore the evidence right in front of their faces! Myth mongers and liars like Trump make denial fashionable!


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