Heating at the earth's poles is accelerating.

Heating at the earth's poles is accelerating. Global temperature differences fuel ocean currents and atmospheric jet streams. As global thermal currents weaken, systems like Florence and Harvey hang around rather than moving by. Some excerpts from the article:

"The Southern Ocean around Antarctica is warming at an alarming rate—twice that of the rest of the world's oceans...

"...greenhouse gas emissions and the depletion of ozone in the atmosphere have led to both a warming of the Southern Ocean and an increase in its freshwater content.

"The role that ozone depletion is playing in warming the Southern Ocean is far less than the role of greenhouse gas emissions, though, and so far, those emissions have been a stickier problem to fix.

"...clearly we need to make efforts to change our behavior patterns and decarbonize the economy...."

One wonders if Trump is paying attention to the latest environmental statements of Putin: [ http://bit.ly/BellonaPutinEnvironment2018 ]



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