Your environment often depends on your race, ethnicity and social status.

Your environment often depends on your race, ethnicity and social status. Social justice workers are very familiar with this phenomenon. It is perpetuated by techniques such as redlining, keeping neighborhoods homogeneous with little racial or ethnic mixing.



  1. If he had wanted to really help anyone he would not have stolen money from the budgets of the Coast Guard and FEMA without the approval of congress for ICE.

    And he would have mobilized more federal support and vehicles for evacuations from the affected area.

    And he would have not interfered with support and funding for climate change effects and flooding issues in VA, NC, SC etc

    He cares for no one and nothing except himself and his image.

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  5. Jeff Diver funny because i didnt attact anyone at all personally or otherwise ..however the post and comments were actually by defintion a personal attack. So i suppose that we must agree with you to have our opinion, like your OPINION posted

  6. Matt torccia Nonsense. Your post included the insulting terms "idiot," "dumbass" and another which I don't happen to remember at the moment. Those generally are not words used in polite conversation.

    Your comment did not add any information to the thread and did not include any factual argument against the points made in the article, which, judging by your response, you hadn't bothered to read. (It is not, "by definition a personal attack." Read it!)

    Rude commentary on the intelligence of previous commenters, generic and trite, is something we've seen all over the web many times before.

    While you may be accustomed to using this approach elsewhere, it simply doesn't work here. It will be deleted as soon as it comes to my attention.

  7. Jeff Diver if idiot and dumbass are the words that bother you i will change them consideribg in todays day and age those words are actually used in television programming for kids these days.

    And of course the post and the notes below it were a personal attack. I highly doubt if they were meant to give our President a pat on the back. By saying that he mapped out the rich white coastal areas for protection just proves that either you have never been to the OBX or you simply have no clue as to what you are talking about. If you know anything about the area, a large portion of the population is racially diverse and an even larger portion is not of any wealth what so ever. Yes i do know the area as i do business there and grew up there.

  8. As our self-proclaimed expert on South Carolina, you know that your neighbors, racially diverse and poor, did not all of them support Yankee Trump. He is the very definition of a carpetbagger politician. It is His lack of knowledge that is at issue, not mine.

    Trump's focus is always on Trump. He isn't going to learn anything from your experience, primarily because He is not hearing anything you are saying. Look how he treats His own southern Attorney General! And He is not going to reward you for patting Him on the back.

    By the way, none of my Rock Hill friends raised their children based on the manners they saw on television.

    Their children would never use the language you did to describe anybody in public, particularly a stranger they had never met.

  9. Well i appreciate your opinion. But you dont know me or anything about me. Its funny because the last time i checked Trump won the presidency and quite handly i might add. And it never ceases to amaze me that no matter what he does to benefit our country, there are always the haters out there that wont even let him do his job without cutting him off at the knees. Now if the tables were turned and Mr. Clinton was running the show, those same folks would be crying foul and saying, no fair give it a chance. Im not saying he doesn't have his issues, but what President doesn't? But to say he has marked out an entire portion of the country to benefit his rich white friends in the time of need, is calling him a racist and that is a personal attack.

  10. Matt torccia

    >" you dont know me or anything about me"

    This is something you should never say to an online research specialist!

    You're right! Never heard of you, Matt, until you posted your insults here. I'd call that getting off on the wrong foot!

    I took the time to visit your Google+ Profile and About pages. It is to your credit you have an interest in Google+.

    The impression I get from your Google+ Profile is that you are middle-aged or younger, and have interests and maybe involvement in fire-fighting, motorcycles, scantily clad young women and cars.

    You post in Google+ Communities that specialize in off-color language. Go Packers, you say! You have had a bad experience with at least one clown and may have a tendency to react poorly to criticism, but enjoy put-downs of others, particularly political opponents.

    You take pleasure in being contrary to what you perceive as popular groups that are full of themselves and look down on you. You like Aerosmith. You are vehemently anti-Hillary and that until recently, you reflexively believed everything Trump said about, well, almost anything.

    >"last time i checked Trump won the presidency and quite handly i might add"

    At least you didn't parrot his "landslide" comments! He won for sure, taking the Electoral College and losing the popular vote by 46% to Hillary's 48% as per the Republican House of Representatives official report of election results at [ ]

    >"there are always the haters out there that wont even let him do his job without cutting him off at the knees"

    So it appears you divide Americans into people who love Trump and those that hate Him. There appears to be no room in your thinking for those who think Trump is likeable enough, but oppose His actions and suspect His motives based on what He says about His favorite topic, Himself. The thought that Trump might just be carrying out instructions and following orders as per [ ] is something you would prefer not to think about.

    >if the tables were turned and Mr. Clinton was running the show, those same folks would be crying foul and saying, no fair give it a chance..."

    Probably. However, our alliances with Europe would still be strong. There would be no new tariffs hurting American farmers and businesses. America's enemies (not just Russia) would not be celebrating our weakening power abroad and starting to trade in their own national currencies rather than dollars. There would be no problem looking at our President's tax returns, and our tax system would not be quite as slanted as it is to benefit the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us.

    >"to say he has marked out an entire portion of the country to benefit his rich white friends in the time of need, is calling him a racist and that is a personal attack"

    Trump compliments white supremacists like Miller and Bannon, though not nearly as much as He compliments Himself. He has tried but, courtesy of losing a Federal case, failed at discriminating against black Americans in rental housing that He owns. Those are facts, public behaviors that we are all familiar with, not opinions.

    Name-calling, I agree, is a childish waste of time. Accurately describing Trump's behavior, however, is fair game. We will soon know if He and His political handlers have learned anything from His experience throwing paper towels to Americans living in Puerto Rico. Incoming!

  11. Jeff Diver Yeah Packers Rule. And i like you more already, middle aged or younger. I wish my gf thought that.. Im 41 she 31 and yes one of those scantily clad women.

    My thing is this. We are here for a very short time, 80 yrs or so is a sneeze compared to the billions of yrs the planet is. So i do my best to enjoy my life as much as i can. It wasnt always that way. After 20 yrs as a firefighter i got cancer and a divorce. So when i see, what i feel are absured comments about someone who is a hell of a lot more qualified to run the most powerful nation in the world than most of the people who put him down. Then yes im gonna say something. I mean you no disrespect but, if you think you can do a better job than he, i will be your biggest supporter. Until you make a mistake or say something you shouldnt have, or even let your eye wander for just a second while looking at my scantily clad gf. Because we all do and will..we are not perfect and failure is not only an option, its common.

  12. Matt torccia Go with younger! ;-)

    As cancer survivors (so far, anyway) you and I both probably know more about our health care system than Trump, who, according to His doctors, may just be the healthiest man alive.

    We have yet to see whether Trump's talents will see the nation through the next few years. He is as "qualified" as any of our Presidents have been upon their election. However, He is not willing to listen to others, even putting His own advisors down.

    Trump thinks Trump knows best. That is where I fundamentally disagree with Him. He has never been a firefighter, a soldier, a woman or a patient. He doesn't know instinctively what people who have had just one of those experiences know. He is unwilling to learn, especially from those who disagree with him. He thinks He knows it all already. That attitude does not wear well with me!

  13. Jeff Diver congratulations and my prayers for you and your family and the hope that you continue to get those clean test results. I know that the few days leading up to my next oncology visit usually involves me heading out on the Harley for a short road trip.
    One of the things i think that makes this country great, is that we are afforded that freedom to agree and disagree, and hopefully when we finish our beer after a rambunctious
    discussion we will have each walked away with a new bit of information, that gives us each something to consider.

    I seem to recall when ObamaCare was coming out, what an uproar about how messed up it was and how it was going to ruin health care. Now here we and Trump
    wants to repeal it, and now we hear the uproar about that.

    You bring up medical care and i had a "discussíon" with a lady who said she was moving to Canada, so she could get free healthcare and i laughed and told her, (a) its not free (b) you arent eligible yet. She mocked me, called me an idiot to my face and walked away flipping me off.. Im 6'2. 235 and my arms are bigger than her legs. And i was so scared i was backing away. Thats what these conversations can do, when there is no education behind an arguement.

    Oh and clowns do suck! Im just sayin is all.

  14. Matt torccia Thanks for your good wishes & prayers!

    Yes, those oncology appointments are nerve-wracking. I have dealt with malignant melanoma since 1986 and am now learning more than anybody would care to know about prostate cancer. Next week I'll find out more about whether I have the aggressive variety. (Hope you're getting those PSA tests, which is what clued my Urologist in.) Seems like if we've had one variety of cancer and beaten it, that ought to be the end of the problem, but it isn't.

    I don't know anything about Canadian health care. I'm lucky to have insurance that covers some costs and wish everybody did. When you're sick, you shouldn't have to worry about expenses. I'll bet we agree on that!

  15. Jeff Diver oh hell man, that blows big time. I will definantely hit my knees tonight and ask the big guy to help out.
    Thank goodness my gf doesn't read this or she'd have me at every doctor in the world tomorrow.
    I ended up with both testicular and breast cancer and had the fellas removed and a radical mastectomy as well. Its not as fun as one may think. And when i started in the fire service we certainly did not take nearly the same precautions as we do today. So i can only guess as to the nasty things i breathed in over 20 + years. And thats is the area i wish people like you would research. Not the crap i breathed in but what i may have absorbed through my skin. My hands and fingers are nothing more than scar tissue and bone, from who knows what and no one has an answer. My thought is if my hands are that bad on the surface, what the hell are the like if they were turned inside out???

    Man i am so bummed out now by the prostate thing. Please keep me informed of how you are doing and if you ever need someone to scream at, i got ya. I know what it feels like to just wanna unload on someone.

  16. Matt torccia Thanks so much, Matt! Your health challenges are similar to those I have heard about for the firefighters that survived 9/11.

    You probably already know about the IAFF. The International Association of Firefighters provided quite the education for me via their PDF file at [ ] I hadn't thought of it, but evidently firefighters often experience PTSD, so often that the IAFF has a treatment center for it in Maryland.

    It makes sense, as some of us civilians who have experienced fires in their lives have nightmares, too. You'd never know it now, as physical recovery was complete, but my right hand was charred 3rd degree when I fell into the coals of a trash fire at the age of 3. My reaction to fire threats ever since has been, shall we say, irrational. "Safety first" campaigns resonate with me!

    The IAFF also has a couple of informative (at least for me as I knew nothing about PFCs, etc. before reading them) articles linked via their page at [ ]

    As you state, the takeaway from all this reading was that most often, medical professionals have only the most general clues about what firefighter exposures there are in any one fire. On the occasions when the nature of the exposure is known, quite often they don't know what the consequences will be or how to treat them. Cumulative exposure is even more difficult to assess, as the various chemicals may interact over the years with each other to provide unique health challenges.

    This should not have surprised me. Even civilians like myself are absorbing all sorts of harmful stuff just from our daily activities. Diesel fumes from buses and trucks are a common source.

    I have often thought that annual physicals should include more comprehensive blood and tissue tests to detect harmful chemical levels. However, it appears that there is no remedy, so I'm not sure why it would ever be done except as a matter of pure curiosity. And maybe future prevention.

    Good grief! How I ramble on! I am also concerned about the exposures both South and North Carolina residents will experience as a result of the recent floods. Safe drinking water may become scarce.

    Hope you and your family stay safe! - Firefighters may face higher odds for skin cancer

  17. Jeff Diver its not something im proud of. But every day i wake up i have to think of a reason not to put a gun in my mouth. And the ironic thing is the reason i dont is because of the job. I might be able to save one more person

  18. Matt torccia Wow! That's major. I hope your community gives you all the support they can, though I suspect not many understand what you've been going through. Are there local support groups? I have found such peer groups helpful at times, though I don't always take advantage of them as much as I should.

    By the way, much of the information we shared here is personal, but Google+ is a public forum, where anybody can read it. (Not that I have that many followers.) Do you want me to delete anything? I can't edit your comments. Only you can do that. But either of us can delete our own comments.

  19. Jeff Diver actually maybe if someone reads it they will have ammo to make a more informed decision. I know i would have done the job if i had known because there are 7 kids alive today because i was on the job but while i love the job. Its also something that will probably kill you or at the least break up your marriage

  20. Matt torccia OK. Thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts here! Most just go on their merry way without bothering to comment.

    Were the IAFF links useful? Seems to me they were spot on in their description of the stresses and dangers of the firefighting profession!

    Do you ever hear from those 7 kids or their families? I know some have difficulty expressing their gratitude for what you do professionally. But we all feel it.

    I am convinced that broken marriages are a special problem for all professions that require 24/7 response capability. I found an organization that may be of assistance in this regard, [ - 24-7 COMMITMENT Resource Portal ] They seem to have a lot of good resource links on their site. No doubt there are other organizations that offer support for spouses, as well.

  21. Jeff Diver i personally try to help other firefighters who silently suffer. Because i really know exactly how it feels to sit there with a fifth of jack in the middle of the night and then never going out of the house during the day, and know something was wrong but no idea what or how.

    And while the union is a good resourse, their best resourse is to engrave your name on a wall of the fallen FF memorial.

    I actually had a mental health doctor ask me why was i there. I was only a firefighter, it wasnt like i was her husband who was a marine, aparently working in the mess hall at some military base is much more stressful than running in to a 3 story walkup and try to find out which room the kids you hear screaming are in. Still pisses me off today. And unfortunately the highest rate of suicide seems to be with wildland firefighters, which having spent half of my life on the west coast i can understand it.

  22. Matt torccia

    Hope you fired that mental health doctor! Desk jobs seem to be rare among firefighters. The military, on the other hand, has a large bureaucracy of paper-pushers and remote drone operators when compared to the group of soldiers with actual hand-to-hand combat experience. The doctor should have known that.

    I'm surprised to hear rates are highest among wildland firefighters. Are structure fires less psychologically challenging in some way?

    The general public thinks we are doing prisoners a favor by letting them out of their cells to fight fires. I take it this is no favor. What is it like working with crews of convicts? We hardly hear anything about wildland firefighters here in the east.

    I see there is a Google+ Community for Wildland Firefighters, [ Wildland Firefighters ]

    On a USDA site, I was interested to read the brief account of a rookie wildland firefighter [ ] written by a woman. Are there more women working as firefighters these days?

    The general public can find lots of links to current wildfire news articles and get a look at a new stamp issued by USPS to honor first responders at [ ]


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